The International Centre of Russian Language Studies is proud of employing highly qualified specialists with great experience in teaching Russian as a foreign language.

Natalya Kraeva, Director of the International Centre of Russian Language Studies

Having graduated from the Philological faculty of Kazan State University with her major in Russian Language and Literature, she has been working at the Centre since its very first days. Today Natalia teaches the Speaking Practice to students of all levels. She is also the Mentor of the foreign students groups, organizing site-seeing tours and various culture-historical trips at their leisure time. She speaks and understands English well. Her personal interests are classical music and literature, she also loves travelling.

Margarita Ignatyeva, Assistant Director of the International Centre of Russian Language Studies

Margarita studied at the Pedagogical Institute, the faculty of foreign languages. She speaks fluent English. At the Centre she teaches quite a controversial subject, debating over modern Russian politics and economics to her students. Margarita adores her job and her students. She has got a lot of different interests: she likes travelling, reading and knitting, listening to music and going to the theatre.

Catherine Paleha, Grammar Teacher

A Graduate of the Philological faculty of Kazan State University, who specializes in Russian grammar. At the Centre she has managed to gain respect and admiration of her students. Catherine is interested both in popular and classical music, she also loves sports and traveling.

Vitaly Sergeev, Literature Teacher

Graduated from the Kazan State University, faculty of Philology. At the Center he lectures Russian literature of the 20th century. He has a great experience in working with foreign students. Vitaly knows a lot about literature, particularly poetry. He is fond of motor racing, jazz, and the theater.

Dmitry Egorov, Phonetics Teacher

Graduated from the faculty of Philology, Kazan State University. Assistant Professor of Russian as a foreign Language. Dmitry has extensive experience working with international students, not only in Russia but also in other countries. Dmitry is always ready to help students not only in the classroom but also outside it. His favorite activities are music, books, traveling.

*Depending on the program of the course the Centre can also attract other specialists in various disciplines for a specific group of students.