Frequently Asked Questions

– Why should I choose the Centre of Russian Language studies?

The Centre of Russian Language studies has been in operation since 1990. It has already helped hundreds of students from all over the world to learn Russian language. We have formed especially tight bonds with the University of London (UCL, SSEES) and the American Councils of International Education (CLS program, for example). We offer the courses for all levels, from the beginners to the most advanced. We have students of all age groups and backgrounds. Most of them naturally come from England. The campus of the Centre is located right at the heart of Kazan city, just a short stroll from the pearl of the medieval Russian architecture, Kazan Kremlin, and the main city promenade, Bauman street.

– What teaching material is used at the lessons?

Our teachers with a tremendous experience of teaching Russian as a foreign language employ the most recent teaching materials and techniques relevant to the language level and skills of their students. However, there is always one basic book for each course. Each course includes the use of materials from other teaching books and as well as exercises, newspapers and magazines, tailored original teaching programs complied by our own teachers. We are always open to correlation of the material according to the individual needs of the students.

– When do the courses start and end?

– The Centre of Russian Language studies has a policy of 'open groups', so it is possible to start and end most of our standard courses (General, Intensive or Conversational Russian) at any time convenient for you. The only limiting factors are whether or not there are places available in a group of the appropriate course and level for the time period you want (individual courses can be arranged any time you wish). If you would like to join our prestigious academic semester program, these run from early September to December, and from February to May or June. Our summer programs start in May and June.

How and when can I apply?

– You can apply for any course by writing to us at JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING . Please, also write us about time you would like to study, your preferred location, the course you are interested in (group or individual, amount of tuition per week, type of course), and your current proficiency level. You should apply at least 1 month before you wish to arrive if you want the Centre to provide you with visa support. One of our administrators will then contact you about course availability and help you to arrange a program according to your specifications.

– How is the students’ free time organized?

– Taking care of organizing the leisure time of our overseas student is our tradition. We are happy to offer our guest students numerous visits to the Theatres (Kazan’s Theatre of Ballet and Opera is one of the best in Russia), Concert Halls, Jazz and Rock Festivals, Museums and Art Galleries. We can also organize the boat trips down the Volga river (to Samara, Nizniy Novgorod). And we also are happy to take you to various entertaining trips round Republic of Tatarstan with its famous architectural and historic monuments.

To find out more about programs, prices and any conditions, please, contact us: